BOB STUDIO was born in late 2019, a French inspired online boutique of true vintage.
The first vintage pieces I handpicked had that special somethin' about them,
I saw not only what they are, but mostly what they can be.

BOB is the perfect vintage hunter, with an exquisite French taste and style.
BOB is that girl or boy who will spill the morning coffee and say c'est la vie, buy fresh flowers and enjoy an afternoon stroll by the Seine.
It is a combination of a nonchalant-sexy spirit, that takes you on a wild ride.

Whilst tons of millions of garments get tossed to the landfill each year, BOB's answer is rework, upcycle, and give new life to pre-loved vintage.
Our packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, we use only natural resourced materials.

I hope that you'll feel that 'love at first sight' feeling the same way I did,
and find unique stylish pieces that you will love forever!
Shop the collection and save the planet!

Love, Renata